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Welcome to a strange world…mine

Welcome to my blog, probably a blog like you have never seen before. I love the weird and wonderful oddities of life and the solar system and marvel in the sheer scale of it all. I am a huge fan of the unexplained and mysteries of this place will call earth and have read, watched and researched it all. One conclusion I have drawn is that there is more to everything than the powers that be would have us believe and its only a matter of time before the truth outs itself after all it always does.

Sci-Fi to House

I love Sci-Fi and house music and although I am surprised I am still single and living the dream aged 26 not that I am complaining as life is good. Great friends and the love of a good family my days are filled with happiness and the evening shared with Captain Kirk! As well as Star Trek I love all space style programming and my favourite films always has and always will be Star Wars so these are exciting times for me with the latest in the series due to start filming soon.

FBI agent or not

I would love to say I was in the career of my dreams something super exciting like an FBI agent or spy but the realities of life are such that my home is behind the desk of an engineering company. I can’t complain though the guys I work for are ace and its a pretty relaxed and pleasant way to earn a living. If the FBI do come calling though I would have to consider any offers seriously.

I hope you enjoy the blog and please come back soon from me and any of the weird gongs on I read about, it’s life Jim but not as we know it….

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