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Human hair extensions?

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human hair ext

Went on a hot date last week and learnt something I didn’t know. The girl I took out seemingly had long flowing locks and it wasn’t until a good hour in that she told me that it was fake. Well I say fake she had these ¬†¬†human hair extensions put in where they attach real hair and blend it into your own. Have to admit they looked fantastic but not sure how I feel about it to be honest.
Date was ok we may do it again she was nice and there was something about her so I think its worth pursuing. The real test will be the cinema date with Star Wars due out it is the obvious choice and she is going to have to appreciate the science fiction fetish I have. Many have tried before but few have succeeded and soon I will know.
Cant wait for the next episode the trailer looks outstanding and with a mega budget I am sure it will live up to my expectations. I was going to book tickets to the premier but it will be jam packed and so I think I will leave it a few days until it calms down a bit.
Going to give her a call later today and see where we are and invite her to the movies and we will have to see if she passes the test and gets to next base hopefully it will be good and we can see each other again.
Bit of Christmas shopping to do today so wish me luck got to try to find a gift for the woman with everything today so I will have to be brave when I get to the shops as I think its going to be a busy one with it being the day after black Friday I just hope I can get what I need and get out before the craziness gets too much.