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loving the world cup and the no deposit free bet offers I got

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My no deposit free bet offer went on an accumulator

I used a no deposit free bet deal on early rounds

I love to watch the World Cup and so when I saw an advert for a no deposit free bet on it I logged on to claim it. With so many games to predict I started with a few accumulator bets I picked a few teams out and bet on them all winning and I could not believe my luck when they all came in and I won a really tidy amount. Don’t get me wrong I can’t give up work or anything but it will certainly pay for a few nights away with my girlfriend somewhere so I was over the moon.

My next three no deposit free bet predictions were not so great but I was not that bothered after the first big win. I cannot believe I picked England to beat Italy that serves me right for thinking with my heart rather than my head!

Found my next no deposit free bet deal for round 2

I managed to get three good bets out of my first no deposit free bet offer and won far more than I used and so I went online to find more of these offers so I could bet on the next rounds. So far I have claimed 5 of these bonus offers and am now looking at some of the round two games to place my next bet.
I really fancy Holland so that is one sorted and I thought Colombia looked decent and last but not least I am going to go England again as I am sure they will come good. Last night one of my bets came in in Holland not the most convincing of performances but they got the win and will be in the knockout stages.
Spain were truly awful yesterday too and lost me another of my bets. The fallout from this is already pointing at the manager going and a host of the old guard retiring or being axed. Its a real shame for a team that has been so good for so long to go out like this but all credit to Chile who were the dark horses in this group.

I hope England win me my no deposit free bet accumulator

I think they will and I even think that Rooney will be first scorer a bet that reading the sports pages has been taken up by a record number of people. I cannot understand the negative press about the lad he covered more ground that any other player in the first match and was played out of position the talk of dropping him could go two ways. Will it inspire he to come out fighting? I am sure it will but for a lesser man it may well knock his confidence badly which given he is an important figure for his country would be a real shame. If you are watching the game tonight get yourself online today and secure your free bet no deposit offer I think the Rooney to score first is on a special with Paddypower. http://www.freebetsinternational.com