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A friend makes slate signs

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The idea for slate signs for the convention came in the pub

Slate signs to sci-fi

A good friend of mine has been making slate signs for houses for many years now. He set up a little online shop and uses eBay to also sell his merchandise and has made himself a nice little earner. What started as a second income has soon grown to take up most of his time.

We were sat having a pint the other day and we were talking about what we were both doing and I mentioned the convention I was organising. He laughed at first but then I went on to tell him what I had achieved so far and the conversation went onto a more serious note. He was also a big fan of the stuff and joked that maybe he could get involved.

Lets combine sci-fi with slate

We had already had a few beers and we started babbling about the things you could etch onto slate and so our new project was born. We decided to combine his skills with my design flair to create a range of sci fi memorabilia for the convention and split the profits. He had all the kit in place to do it anyway and I had not realised just how intricate the designs could be. He showed me some amazing stuff on his phone that he had been commissioned to produce and my mind started to wonder off into all the things we could do.

The list we made was a massive one and the more we blurted out that he could do the more ideas that flowed. We decided to recreate scenes from famous movies around house numbers for a starter for a cool alternative to the ones you see in garden centres with butterflies or dogs on. Ours would have Jedi’s or Star Trek villain’s instead of the conventional twee we would have some crazy scenes depicting favourite bits of those fantastic movies.

But best of all we had the mothership of all our ideas and this was the one I was personally most excited about. The convention has gained a huge following and our fan pages and twitter feeds are bursting with people who can’t wait for the big show. When I mentioned the numbers to Tim he had a corking idea.

Lets do our own slate signs

With so many fans already he said surely they may want to get stuff branded up with the convention logo? I said we were getting some t-shirt and stickers done but he had some great ideas using slate from branded chopping boards and placemats to hanging signs and garden ornaments the list he rattled out was pretty impressive.

We are now working on a range of convention led merchandise made out of slate and other natural stones that Tim will etch up from my designs. We are confident if the early posts and likes are anything to go by that a conversation after a few beers in a pub will turn into a nice little earner for us both. He has already made up the first convention branded slate signs and this sold out with a minute (My mum bought two!). http://www.stonesign.com