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Looking at used second hand stoves for sale

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I went for this modern look when searching for used second hand stoves for sale

I am currently searching for used second hand stoves for sale

I have had a great few weeks and built up a bit of saving to start searching for used wood burning stoves for sale and get one fitted at my pad. I have wanted a stove for ages but never had the funds to get it done but with work and the event pulling in a bit of extra cash I can now get one installed ready for next winter.

I decided to do it now as I always end up burning any savings on something frivolous and so figured if I just got something really special for my flat that would be a good use of the extra I have made last few weeks.

Went online for used second hand stoves for sale

I started my search online and a few of the specialist websites I found had a couple of stove on but when I went onto eBay there were loads and at lots of different prices and states of repair. I had waited ages for it and so didn’t want one that needed any work.

After a bit of a search I found the one I eventually bought which was an ex display model in a stove shop that had never even been used. It was really cool and the coloured doors would look great with the colours in my living room so I started to bid on it.

It had a buy it now price but I started off with a cheeky bid and was really lucky as no one else bid and so I won it for much less than I would have expected to pay and got a very good quality stove for the price of a cheap one.

I was over the moon with both the stove I got and the price I paid for it and set to work straight away on finding someone to fit it as soon as was possible.

Finding someone after my search for used second hand stoves for sale

I had my stove and now needed to get it fitted, I didn’t know anyone so had a look online again to find woodburner fitters in my area. I got a few out to quote and chose one but was surprised when one declined fitting as it was second hand and another was very expensive indeed so it was just as well that the last one was really cool and could actually fit me in the next week.

It took him the whole day to fit the stove and after it was done he showed us how to light it and gave us loads of tips for its use and to keep it in good condition. It is still to hot to have it on at the moment but the small glimpse we saw was enough to make us think what a great decision it was to get it done.
If you are win the market for a used second hand stoves for sale and get it done I don’t think you will regret it.