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My, its getting serious with parking control management

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We need parking control management for an event this size

All grown up speaking to parking control management companies

The event is going to plan and now I have some proper boring tasks to take care of including parking control management provisions to ensure the event runs smoothly. I had not thought of this before the event hosts asked what our plans were given the expected turn out. When they gave me a few horror stories of people that did not plan this part out properly it gave me the inspiration to get in professionals to do this part of the project as I know nothing about parking control management and frankly don’t ever want to.

We had a meeting about the more boring aspects of running any event and these include a whole host of things I would never have even thought needed to be considered. From health and safety work to parking control management the list I have to get through is massive and that is before I even open the doors. I am not demoralised by it all as I am just going to bring in specialists to sort the bits I haven’t a clue about and first up was a contact of mine that specialises in parking control management and security which was a little bonus.

Our parking control management partners will also sort security

In a twist of very good fortune I managed to kill to birds with one stone as the parking control management company we got to sort that problem out was also an event security specialist so they could deal with all of this side for us. A major plus for getting these involved was they did all the necessary paperwork and would help with any inspections or third party meeting that may be needed prior to the event getting the final sign off to go ahead.

Once these aspects were sorted it was a big weight off my mind and has left me able to get on with getting more stand and sponsorship money in. i am amazed at how well this has gone and wish I had done one years ago as it looks like it will turn a very tidy profit and be able to do next years with more added as the funds will be there to make it bigger and better than this year.

As well as parking control management there are a million things to do

It seems as every issue is sorted another is added to my list of to do’s and so I am just ticking them off one by one and hoping the list starts to get shorted some time soon as the thing just keeps getting bigger no matter how many times I seem to tick one off the list.

Its been a real steep learning curve but a fantastic adventure that will last beyond this year now and hopefully form an essential part of the Sci Fi calendar and with bring in specialist help to deal with things like parking control management at least I can just deal with the fun bits.