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New project so I spoke to sign makers

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My convent has enlisted the help of sign makers

Organising an event I needed help from sign makers

Well I bit the bullet after years of travelling to sci fi conventions I am organising one closer to home and enlisted the help of sign makers to help me. I have been to many of these conventions and wanted mine although smaller to be better than the ones I had been to and so I wanted help to create that wow factor for the event.
It is planned for the end of this year and I have been amazed at the response not only are fellow fans of sci fi contacting me every day I have sold ltd of the space already giving me the cash I needed to make this a real stand out Sci Fi convention to add on the sci fi calendar.

Many of the conventions do not use sign makers

I want this event to look the business and to stand out from the unprofessional but still cool conventions I wanted to create a brand for the event and proper signage around the event to add that sparkle I think is needed to stand out from the crowd. I have a couple of friends that are sign makers and printers so I met them for a pint to discuss my plans. They are both big fans of science fictions and so were really keen to help out and so went well over and above what I expected.
They had loads of ideas from lit display signs to directional signs and as stand holders were charged for signs as well the price was really good for all the work they are doing as we have wrapped it all up as a package price. As well as being sign makers they also had great contacts in promotional merchandise and so we are making our very own sci fi merchandise to give away and sell at the convention and online.
From pens to temporary tattoos we have loads of cool stuff planned and I know have extra help as both my friends want to be involved in setting everything up and helping run it with me.

Sign makers on board now its the last few stands to organise

i am so happy with the response and we only have five more spaces to sell and a few sponsorship packages. The sign makers I know are on the case now too and they have a great contact with the local radio station who are really keen to get involved and may even sponsor the whole event for us. I am keen to make this happen as it would be great to get people who don’t go around the country to conventions to come and experience the sci fi scene for the first time and enjoy my event.
With the sign makers help the plans for the event look amazing and that has helped sell the event to bigger companies and generate extra revenue as they don’t mind spending a bit more on a well organised professional event.