Human hair extensions?

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human hair ext

Went on a hot date last week and learnt something I didn’t know. The girl I took out seemingly had long flowing locks and it wasn’t until a good hour in that she told me that it was fake. Well I say fake she had these ¬†¬†human hair extensions put in where they attach real hair and blend it into your own. Have to admit they looked fantastic but not sure how I feel about it to be honest.
Date was ok we may do it again she was nice and there was something about her so I think its worth pursuing. The real test will be the cinema date with Star Wars due out it is the obvious choice and she is going to have to appreciate the science fiction fetish I have. Many have tried before but few have succeeded and soon I will know.
Cant wait for the next episode the trailer looks outstanding and with a mega budget I am sure it will live up to my expectations. I was going to book tickets to the premier but it will be jam packed and so I think I will leave it a few days until it calms down a bit.
Going to give her a call later today and see where we are and invite her to the movies and we will have to see if she passes the test and gets to next base hopefully it will be good and we can see each other again.
Bit of Christmas shopping to do today so wish me luck got to try to find a gift for the woman with everything today so I will have to be brave when I get to the shops as I think its going to be a busy one with it being the day after black Friday I just hope I can get what I need and get out before the craziness gets too much.

loving the world cup and the no deposit free bet offers I got

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My no deposit free bet offer went on an accumulator

My no deposit free bet offer went on an accumulator

I used a no deposit free bet deal on early rounds

I love to watch the World Cup and so when I saw an advert for a no deposit free bet on it I logged on to claim it. With so many games to predict I started with a few accumulator bets I picked a few teams out and bet on them all winning and I could not believe my luck when they all came in and I won a really tidy amount. Don’t get me wrong I can’t give up work or anything but it will certainly pay for a few nights away with my girlfriend somewhere so I was over the moon.

My next three no deposit free bet predictions were not so great but I was not that bothered after the first big win. I cannot believe I picked England to beat Italy that serves me right for thinking with my heart rather than my head!

Found my next no deposit free bet deal for round 2

I managed to get three good bets out of my first no deposit free bet offer and won far more than I used and so I went online to find more of these offers so I could bet on the next rounds. So far I have claimed 5 of these bonus offers and am now looking at some of the round two games to place my next bet.
I really fancy Holland so that is one sorted and I thought Colombia looked decent and last but not least I am going to go England again as I am sure they will come good. Last night one of my bets came in in Holland not the most convincing of performances but they got the win and will be in the knockout stages.
Spain were truly awful yesterday too and lost me another of my bets. The fallout from this is already pointing at the manager going and a host of the old guard retiring or being axed. Its a real shame for a team that has been so good for so long to go out like this but all credit to Chile who were the dark horses in this group.

I hope England win me my no deposit free bet accumulator

I think they will and I even think that Rooney will be first scorer a bet that reading the sports pages has been taken up by a record number of people. I cannot understand the negative press about the lad he covered more ground that any other player in the first match and was played out of position the talk of dropping him could go two ways. Will it inspire he to come out fighting? I am sure it will but for a lesser man it may well knock his confidence badly which given he is an important figure for his country would be a real shame. If you are watching the game tonight get yourself online today and secure your free bet no deposit offer I think the Rooney to score first is on a special with Paddypower.

A friend makes slate signs

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The idea for slate signs for the convention came in the pub

The idea for slate signs for the convention came in the pub

Slate signs to sci-fi

A good friend of mine has been making slate signs for houses for many years now. He set up a little online shop and uses eBay to also sell his merchandise and has made himself a nice little earner. What started as a second income has soon grown to take up most of his time.

We were sat having a pint the other day and we were talking about what we were both doing and I mentioned the convention I was organising. He laughed at first but then I went on to tell him what I had achieved so far and the conversation went onto a more serious note. He was also a big fan of the stuff and joked that maybe he could get involved.

Lets combine sci-fi with slate

We had already had a few beers and we started babbling about the things you could etch onto slate and so our new project was born. We decided to combine his skills with my design flair to create a range of sci fi memorabilia for the convention and split the profits. He had all the kit in place to do it anyway and I had not realised just how intricate the designs could be. He showed me some amazing stuff on his phone that he had been commissioned to produce and my mind started to wonder off into all the things we could do.

The list we made was a massive one and the more we blurted out that he could do the more ideas that flowed. We decided to recreate scenes from famous movies around house numbers for a starter for a cool alternative to the ones you see in garden centres with butterflies or dogs on. Ours would have Jedi’s or Star Trek villain’s instead of the conventional twee we would have some crazy scenes depicting favourite bits of those fantastic movies.

But best of all we had the mothership of all our ideas and this was the one I was personally most excited about. The convention has gained a huge following and our fan pages and twitter feeds are bursting with people who can’t wait for the big show. When I mentioned the numbers to Tim he had a corking idea.

Lets do our own slate signs

With so many fans already he said surely they may want to get stuff branded up with the convention logo? I said we were getting some t-shirt and stickers done but he had some great ideas using slate from branded chopping boards and placemats to hanging signs and garden ornaments the list he rattled out was pretty impressive.

We are now working on a range of convention led merchandise made out of slate and other natural stones that Tim will etch up from my designs. We are confident if the early posts and likes are anything to go by that a conversation after a few beers in a pub will turn into a nice little earner for us both. He has already made up the first convention branded slate signs and this sold out with a minute (My mum bought two!).

Looking at used second hand stoves for sale

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I went for this modern look when searching for used second hand stoves for sale

I went for this modern look when searching for used second hand stoves for sale

I am currently searching for used second hand stoves for sale

I have had a great few weeks and built up a bit of saving to start searching for used wood burning stoves for sale and get one fitted at my pad. I have wanted a stove for ages but never had the funds to get it done but with work and the event pulling in a bit of extra cash I can now get one installed ready for next winter.

I decided to do it now as I always end up burning any savings on something frivolous and so figured if I just got something really special for my flat that would be a good use of the extra I have made last few weeks.

Went online for used second hand stoves for sale

I started my search online and a few of the specialist websites I found had a couple of stove on but when I went onto eBay there were loads and at lots of different prices and states of repair. I had waited ages for it and so didn’t want one that needed any work.

After a bit of a search I found the one I eventually bought which was an ex display model in a stove shop that had never even been used. It was really cool and the coloured doors would look great with the colours in my living room so I started to bid on it.

It had a buy it now price but I started off with a cheeky bid and was really lucky as no one else bid and so I won it for much less than I would have expected to pay and got a very good quality stove for the price of a cheap one.

I was over the moon with both the stove I got and the price I paid for it and set to work straight away on finding someone to fit it as soon as was possible.

Finding someone after my search for used second hand stoves for sale

I had my stove and now needed to get it fitted, I didn’t know anyone so had a look online again to find woodburner fitters in my area. I got a few out to quote and chose one but was surprised when one declined fitting as it was second hand and another was very expensive indeed so it was just as well that the last one was really cool and could actually fit me in the next week.

It took him the whole day to fit the stove and after it was done he showed us how to light it and gave us loads of tips for its use and to keep it in good condition. It is still to hot to have it on at the moment but the small glimpse we saw was enough to make us think what a great decision it was to get it done.
If you are win the market for a used second hand stoves for sale and get it done I don’t think you will regret it.

My, its getting serious with parking control management

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We need parking control management for an event this size

We need parking control management for an event this size

All grown up speaking to parking control management companies

The event is going to plan and now I have some proper boring tasks to take care of including parking control management provisions to ensure the event runs smoothly. I had not thought of this before the event hosts asked what our plans were given the expected turn out. When they gave me a few horror stories of people that did not plan this part out properly it gave me the inspiration to get in professionals to do this part of the project as I know nothing about parking control management and frankly don’t ever want to.

We had a meeting about the more boring aspects of running any event and these include a whole host of things I would never have even thought needed to be considered. From health and safety work to parking control management the list I have to get through is massive and that is before I even open the doors. I am not demoralised by it all as I am just going to bring in specialists to sort the bits I haven’t a clue about and first up was a contact of mine that specialises in parking control management and security which was a little bonus.

Our parking control management partners will also sort security

In a twist of very good fortune I managed to kill to birds with one stone as the parking control management company we got to sort that problem out was also an event security specialist so they could deal with all of this side for us. A major plus for getting these involved was they did all the necessary paperwork and would help with any inspections or third party meeting that may be needed prior to the event getting the final sign off to go ahead.

Once these aspects were sorted it was a big weight off my mind and has left me able to get on with getting more stand and sponsorship money in. i am amazed at how well this has gone and wish I had done one years ago as it looks like it will turn a very tidy profit and be able to do next years with more added as the funds will be there to make it bigger and better than this year.

As well as parking control management there are a million things to do

It seems as every issue is sorted another is added to my list of to do’s and so I am just ticking them off one by one and hoping the list starts to get shorted some time soon as the thing just keeps getting bigger no matter how many times I seem to tick one off the list.

Its been a real steep learning curve but a fantastic adventure that will last beyond this year now and hopefully form an essential part of the Sci Fi calendar and with bring in specialist help to deal with things like parking control management at least I can just deal with the fun bits.

New project so I spoke to sign makers

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My convent has enlisted the help of sign makers

My convent has enlisted the help of sign makers

Organising an event I needed help from sign makers

Well I bit the bullet after years of travelling to sci fi conventions I am organising one closer to home and enlisted the help of sign makers to help me. I have been to many of these conventions and wanted mine although smaller to be better than the ones I had been to and so I wanted help to create that wow factor for the event.
It is planned for the end of this year and I have been amazed at the response not only are fellow fans of sci fi contacting me every day I have sold ltd of the space already giving me the cash I needed to make this a real stand out Sci Fi convention to add on the sci fi calendar.

Many of the conventions do not use sign makers

I want this event to look the business and to stand out from the unprofessional but still cool conventions I wanted to create a brand for the event and proper signage around the event to add that sparkle I think is needed to stand out from the crowd. I have a couple of friends that are sign makers and printers so I met them for a pint to discuss my plans. They are both big fans of science fictions and so were really keen to help out and so went well over and above what I expected.
They had loads of ideas from lit display signs to directional signs and as stand holders were charged for signs as well the price was really good for all the work they are doing as we have wrapped it all up as a package price. As well as being sign makers they also had great contacts in promotional merchandise and so we are making our very own sci fi merchandise to give away and sell at the convention and online.
From pens to temporary tattoos we have loads of cool stuff planned and I know have extra help as both my friends want to be involved in setting everything up and helping run it with me.

Sign makers on board now its the last few stands to organise

i am so happy with the response and we only have five more spaces to sell and a few sponsorship packages. The sign makers I know are on the case now too and they have a great contact with the local radio station who are really keen to get involved and may even sponsor the whole event for us. I am keen to make this happen as it would be great to get people who don’t go around the country to conventions to come and experience the sci fi scene for the first time and enjoy my event.
With the sign makers help the plans for the event look amazing and that has helped sell the event to bigger companies and generate extra revenue as they don’t mind spending a bit more on a well organised professional event.